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Video Wall

15 MM – FLEX

Our 15MM Flexible LED tiles are our most popular product.  These 500mm x 500mm tiles feature SMD LEDs and are fully rated for outdoor use including low temperatures in rain and snow.  They are bright enough to use in direct sunlight and we have enough tiles for virtually any size of project.

The 15MM Flex has been used on every major music festival in BC, many corporate events, launch events, as well as movie and TV productions.  The product is extremely reliable and we use redundant control racks for 100% up time.


R3MM LED tiles are our newest product.  These 500mm x 500mm ultra high resolution tiles are unmatched in the marketplace. R3 tiles are Lightweight, low noise, and low power consumption.

Images can be viewed successfully from less than 3 ft. and are well suited for events and projects in ballrooms, conference facilities, and anywhere where high resolution is required.  The look of these tiles is similar to a flat screen TV. Our redundant control systems create 100% reliability

Promosa has the only < 4mm product currently in the marketplace.


Our lightweight 6MM LED tiles are becoming the industry standard for all sizes of indoor and outdoor events.  Widely used for outdoor broadcasts, indoor/outdoor concerts, and corporate events, the 6mm tiles are double the size of a standard tile which allows for a significant decrease in setup time, especially for very large screens.  Promosa stocks enough 6mm product to build screens up to 80′ wide.

In addition to it’s light weight, our 6mm screens are 20% brighter than the industry standard for outdoor screens.  This extra brightness in addition to extra large custom louvers on every tile allow for a significant increase in image quality in extra bright and direct sunlight situations.

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