Promosa recently worked with Hewlett-Packard to create a powerful commercial for their new HP Spectre x360 laptop. It was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada. Check out the video here!

The ‘Brothers’ story follows two brothers, one who is a musician and a younger brother who is hearing impaired. The musician brother is determined to make his younger brother experience the joy associated with live music. He comes up with the creative idea of using a myriad of lights to visualize music and translate the musical excitement. This way, the younger brother can feel the power of music although he is deaf.

Check out this behind the scenes video where our very own Carson Hegedus discusses how Promosa contributed to the film shoot and how this desired effect was brought to life. Although not pictured in this segment, Promosa’s Matt Readshaw also spent countless hours designing and testing the computer program, dimmers and lighting controllers necessary to make this a reality.

Through the use of innovative software, 1 USB port and the HP Spectre x360 Promosa made this vision a reality. Additionally, this entire commercial was made possible by utilizing the laptop it was intended to promote. Carson utilized a frequency based computer program to allow the frequency of a note captured from the guitar to controls the lights. Different frequencies or notes on the guitar would then correspond to different colours of lights and lighting patterns. We were thrilled with the final outcome of the advertisement and look forward to taking on more challenging projects in the future.