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What we do

We engineer experiences. Established in 2001, Promosa has been producing events for more than a decade. We are a full-service production management company with a specialized division in large format LED video walls. With assets across Western Canada and throughout the Pacific Northwest USA, we currently produce more than 1,000 events and promotions annually making us the largest of our kind in Western Canada and one of the fastest growing production companies in North America.

Our Team

The Promosa team is made up of a passionate group of skilled professionals each with a unique skill-set. From design and planning consultants, to full-service production managers, to in-house technicians, we are committed to the ruthless execution necessary for delivering results.

  • Baxter Wilson


    Baxter is a Canadian born businessman with a passion to succeed. He attributes his success over the years to creativity, hard work and an ability to see potential in things. With Baxter’s experience, drive to win and creative approach to problem solving, he has helped fuel Promosa’s growth over the past few years. Baxter oversees the general business development at Promosa.

    As a family man, dog lover, and fitness nut, you’ll find Bax on the ice, in the gym or hanging out with his wife, two kids and two dogs in the trails in North Vancouver.

  • Chris Ball


    Chris is a big believer in having the right people in the right places and has worked tirelessly over the past 14 years building a foundation for success. Since Promosa’s inception in 2001, Chris has helped build the company to what it is today primarily on hard work and dedication. His passion for music, arts and entertainment led Chris into the production management field and it’s his knowledge of both the ‘front end’ and the ‘back end’ that sets him apart from others. Chris leads Promosa’s team of production managers and is still actively involved in the field. Not afraid to get his hands dirty, Chris still remains a sought after problem solver at festivals and events across the country.

    An avid musician, skier, marathon runner and self-proclaimed jet setter, Chris not only enjoys staying in shape but continues to search for the best beach in the world.

  • Josiah Ruben

    General Manager

    Known as the ‘Jo (Jack) of all trades’. Josiah’s daily focus is to ensure all our production managers have the tools, equipment and information necessary to get the job done. With experience in sales, logistics, construction, and real estate, Jo is an extremely valuable member of the team and has the unique ability to organize chaos at times. He has tremendous work ethic, a ‘can do’ attitude and settles for nothing less than perfection.

    Outside of work, you can find Josiah either playing pick-up basketball or hanging out with his best friend Lola – his 3 year old english bulldog and the official office mascot.

  • Carson Hegedus

    Lead Video + Sr. Production Coordinator

    Carson is Promosa’s lead Video Technician. Graduating from Pacific Audio Visual Institute with a diploma in Production, Carson specializes in the technical aspects of the industry. Carson is proficient in building and programming  Video Wall for some of the largest events in the Pacific Northwest.

    Staying active in the industry Carson likes to attend shows on a regular basis. He is fascinated with using technology to create art and is always looking to push the boundaries.

  • Sarah Costa

    Production Manager

    Sarah’s career in the live events industry began during her first year at the University of British Columbia – a volunteer gig at a rock festival quickly snowballed into work on BC’s largest outdoor festivals, as well as private events, corporate product launches and technical conferences. After graduating with a degree in English Literature, Sarah worked as the Site Manager for the City of Surrey’s Canada Day, Fusion Festival, and Olympic Live Sites before providing Production Management for the TED Conferences. Her extensive experience in budgeting and risk management ensures events run smoothly from conception to execution.

    An avid fan of stand-up comedy, Sarah’s wry sense of humour is present in her daily interactions, and in her spare time enjoys cycling, boxing and curling up with several books at once.

  • Kai Johnson

    Sr. Production Manager

    A graduate of the Art Institute of Vancouver with a diploma in professional recording arts, Kai has worked in the concert and event industry for the past 10 years. Kai has helped produce some of British Columbia’s most memorable events including; Live City Yaletown during the Olympics, Canada Day celebrations at Canada Place and Live at Squamish. With a wealth of experience producing events in a myriad of different venues ranging from clubs, to theaters, to arenas, to stadiums, Kai can handle anything that is thrown at him. At Promosa Kai works closely with clients in planning and execution of offline experiences.

    A perfectionist by nature, he wants every detail of an event to be flawless and will settle for nothing less.
    Kai finds balance by practicing yoga on a regular basis and runs a recording studio in his spare time.

  • Kyle Jadon

    Lighting Director

    Since a young age, Kyle has always been fascinated by lighting. From persuading his parents to buy more lights every holiday season to ensure they had the brightest house on the block, to purchasing a small inventory of lighting at the age of 18, Kyle has always had something to do with lighting. As the lighting director at Promosa, he works closely with clients on budgets, logistics and pitching creative unique designs. Kyle loves the opportunity to manage a production crew and program an immersive light show for concert goers and clients.

    Outside of the production world, Kyle loves local music, playing guitar, finding new places to travel, having drinks on patios with friends and hanging out with his niece and nephews

  • Andre Dionne

    Video Technician

  • Alexa Cooper

    Production Coordinator

  • Vince Forget

    Production Technician

    Vince is a Technical Theatre Production graduate, a Cégep program where he learned all aspects of the industry. He moved to the West Coast in search of new adventures and settled in Vancouver to forge his own path in the entertainment industry.  With his unique training, Vince is a vital member of Promosa’s team. He continues to expand his knowledge and technique, now specializing in video wall equipment. He is always thrilled to try new techniques and works around the clock to provide a good show.


    Punk rocker at heart, he is passionate about music, video games and spending quality time with friends, which translate in his attitude at work.

  • Chad Blue

    Warehouse Manager

    Prior to joining Promosa, Chad enjoyed a career as a DJ and touring musician. Today, Chad is responsible for overseeing logistics, repairs and maintenance for all of Promosa’s equipment. Chad’s relentless work ethic ensures that every event runs seamlessly. Usually, Chad quarterbacks events from the Warehouse, but is an asset when he is part of the onsite team.

    Chad is still an avid fan of music and enjoys the strategic challenge of online games.

  • Howard Yan


  • Sol Ruben

    Shop Technician

    Sol is a fairly new addition to the Promosa team, but he already feels part of the family. He has quickly become a key member in ensuring that all the equipment is well serviced, packed and ready for the next event. He has developed a passion for the industry and hopes to pursue a career in lighting.

    When not working, Sol enjoys a wide array of recreational activities including scuba diving, snowboarding and skateboarding

  • Patrick Meighan

    Creative Director

    As a lover of the arts, Patrick enjoys the creativity Promosa’s art department allows him. His skills perfectly complement the technical production work to create an unforgettable event. Patrick has worked on numerous decor and carpentry projects specializing in custom drapery for special events, prop building and sourcing, set design and construction. Together with the Promosa team, Patrick will make your event look amazing.

  • Ilia Sosner

    Video Technician

  • Crystal Brisson

    Venue Consultant

    With over fifteen years of experience in the service industry, Crystal has done it all. Along with incredible work ethic, Crystal’s quick wit, keen mind and eye for detail keeps everyone on their toes.

    A lover of live music and a self-proclaimed sommelier, Crystal can appreciate a great concert and a nicely aged, over-sized glass of Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • Don Thorsness

    Lighting Guru

  • “RJ”

    Technical Lead (Imperial)

    RJ brings over 15 years experience in live events, production and audio engineering. Having a myriad of roles throughout the years, ranging from tour manager, FOH sound mixer, festival technical director,  PA systems technician, studio assistant and everything in between. Its this well rounded skill set that makes RJ so valuable.

    Found most often behind his mixing console at FOH, RJ also is the point person on all things technical during events at the Imperial. It’s RJ’s attention to detail that has helped the venue develop a world class reputation for quality..

    When not on a gig, RJ enjoys pizza, crosswords, philosophy, the Internet and avoiding loud noises.

  • Ken Phelan

    Venue Consultant

    Working in both the hospitality industry and event production business for over a decade, Ken’s experience is perfectly suited for the diverse types of events we are involved with. This well-rounded experience, including contractual work for NBC during the Olympics in Vancouver, London, Sochi and Korea, Ken’s analytical approach and attention to detail make him a valuable member of our team.

    As a huge Oilers fan, Ken hopes that one day the team will achieve the glory that they once had in late 80’s. Until then Ken is forced to reminisce about the ‘old days’ to stay motivated.

  • M. Hernandez

    Shop Technician

    On late night strikes or early morning shop calls, M comes ready to work. Spending their time between the warehouse and onsite, M often acts as a liaison between the crew at an event and the crew back at the shop. With an intimate knowledge of the gear and equipment, engineering the experience has never been easier.

    M is a writer who lives in the heart of East Vancouver and is part of the local music and art scene.

  • Dave Mclellan

    Shop Technician

    After working as a draftsman for 25 years in Structural Steel Detailing, Dave went back to school and received a diploma in Professional Recording Arts from the Art Institute of Vancouver. Dave started in 2008 with Promosa as a production technician, filling his day working in the warehouse and at various venues across Vancouver. He is often seen doing the trucking for Promosa and maintenance and repairs in the warehouse.

    In his free time, Dave enjoys playing jazz gigs, particularly the drums, and also enjoys playing guitar and piano with friends.

  • Lola

    The Dog

    Lola is Josiah’s English Bulldog and is a big part of the Promosa Family. Though she enjoys her time at the office you will often find her riding shotgun in one of Promosa’s trucks or making new friends at festivals and outdoor events. 

    When not napping under a desk, Lola enjoys spending time with her frisbee, her ball, and protecting the office from the mail carrier.

  • Laverne

    The Dog's Assistant

Mission Statement

At Promosa, we strive to be more than just a production company – we are a job for many, a partner in the community, a valued supplier, and a benchmark for our competition. We are a company that seeks new ways to be better everyday.


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Washington State, USA